Practice building

Practice building

CooperVision is committed to supporting eye care professionals in maintaining and growing their practices.

From embracing digital marketing opportunities to keeping your staff motivated and engaged, the topics presented here can help you hone your business skills and build your practice while providing quality care to your patients.

A set of digital solutions that focuses on improving your digital marketing presence and driving customers to your business.

Key performance indicators (KPIs)

Key performance indicators (KPIs) are specific and quantifiable measurements of performance in a business. They can provide critical business insights and illuminate opportunities for greater success.

Supplementing patient's spectacles with contact lenses

According to research conducted at the London Business School, patients who wear spectacles and contact lenses are up to 80% more profitable than spectacles-only wearers.

Practice marketing as a relationship

With market dynamics rapidly evolving, independent eye care professionals must reinvent their practice and commit to dual roles as vision care providers and business owners.

Patient retention and communication

Every chapter of life presents new vision-related issues and concerns for a patient—and new opportunities for ECPs to help. The more effectively ECPs can guide patients through milestones, the more valuable they will be to patients and the more loyalty they will inspire.