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Innovative premium contact lenses

When you want to offer your patients technologically advanced, high performance contact lenses, introduce them to Biofinity®.

The Biofinity® family of lenses offers remarkable comfort, oxygen transmissibility and visual performance to wearers with a broad range of vision correction needs:

  • Myopia/hyperopia
  • Astigmatism
  • Presbyopia

Biofinity® lenses are made using Aquaform® Technology, which provides a superior combination of natural wettability and breathability.

Optimally balanced for wearer satisfaction

Starting with spheres, every lens in the premium Biofinity® family incorporates an ideal balance of three elements that are essential to a premium-quality wearing experience.

The science behind Biofinity®
Lens material • Surface design • Optics

Lens Material

Aquaform® Technology

Aquaform® Technology allows Biofinity® to provide a superior combination of natural moisture and breathability:

  • In a matrix of long silicone chains, hydrogen bonds form to lock water molecules within the lens, for good wettability and a comfortable wearing experience
  • The long chains mean that less silicone needs to be used to optimize oxygen transmissibility, and increased oxygen levels help keep eyes clear, white and healthier
  • Reduced silicone content also results in a low modulus, which makes the lenses soft and flexible to enhance comfort and fitting versatility

Surface Design

Smooth and comfortable

Biofinity® lenses have a smooth, naturally wettable surface with a special rounded edge design to reduce conjunctival interaction for improved wearing comfort.


Innovative design for each correction type

Each lens in the premium Biofinity® family features state-of-the-art optics designed for a specific correction type and prescription, so more lens wearers can benefit from remarkable visual performance.

For myopia and hyperopia

Biofinity® lenses for sphere wearers provide the Aberration Neutralizing System™, designed to neutralize spherical aberrations in the eye. Available for standard and extended range prescriptions.

For astigmatism

Biofinity® toric lenses have optimized toric lens geometry and uniform horizontal ISO thickness, providing predictable, consistent visual acuity and an easy fitting approach. Available for standard and extended range prescriptions.

For presbyopia

Biofinity® multifocal lenses incorporate Balanced Progressive® Technology with multiple zones of vision correction for clarity at near, far and in-between distances. Optimized for each sphere and ADD power with the option of fitting a center D or center N lens.

The Benefits of Biofinity®

Impossible comfort and clarity through down-to-earth science.

Biofinity premium lenses deliver both comfort and clarity with the help of CooperVision’s exclusive Aquaform® Technology.

Aquaform® Technology

High Oxygen Transmissibility

Increased breathability (Dk/t=116-160 @ -3.00D) for daily wear, helping maintain sound corneal physiology.

Naturally and Uniformly Wettable

Stays moist without additives, surface treatments or wetting agents.

Optimum Modulus

Soft and flexible.

And all Biofinity® lenses have a smooth, high wettable lens surface that resists deposits.

Designed for clarity and fit

Aberration Neutralizing System

In spherical lenses, unique aspheric optics enhance vision by minimizing spherical aberrations inherent in both the lens and eye, specifically adjusted for each power.

Rounded-Edge Design

Biofinity lenses have rounded edges that minimize eye lid and lens interaction so the lens feels more comfortable.

Optimized Ballast Toric Design

In toric lenses, for greater stability and predictable visual acuity.

Balanced Progressive Technology

In multifocal lenses, for exceptional vision at all distances.

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