Responsive Website

Nearly 72% of users in Singapore own a smartphone. There are over 8.3 million mobile subscriptions in Singapore, which makes this 152% of the total population.

48.1% of Singaporeans use it for local search daily. And nearly a third go on to call the business or service.

The landscape of devices comes in many different sizes and resolutions. To ensure your patients get the best user experience regardless of their device, it is important to have a responsive website.

Introducing EyeCare Prime Responsive Website

EyeCare Prime Responsive Website will help improve both your web and mobile presence by creating a responsive website for you. Your e-Business Consultant will be able to talk you through this process.

You will receive a website that is easy to navigate on different devices and it will be designed to help your patients find your practice.

Within your customized site, we will include important features like click to call, mobile maps and links to your social media. You will also receive reports on web usage by every half a year to help you to track effectiveness.


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