Helps you see clearly at all distances with multiple correction zones in each contact lens, tailored to your personal prescription.

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If you’re over 40, you may notice that it’s harder to focus on objects that are up close – for example, in low-light situations, such as when you’re trying to read the menu at your favourite restaurant. This condition is called presbyopia and it affects everyone.

Thanks to Balanced Progressive® Technology, now you can wear contact lenses that help enable you to focus at any distance.

This technology features multiple zones of vision correction – near, intermediate and far. And the lenses can be tailored to your personal prescription, so you can enjoy exceptional vision at all distances.


Enables your eye care professional to tailor each contact lens to your personal prescription for exceptional vision at all distances – near, intermediate and far

Having presbyopia doesn’t mean you have to settle for reading glasses

Balanced Progressive® Technology at work

Where you can find this technology:

For clear vision at all distances, ask your eye care professional about Biofinity® multifocal contact lenses with Balanced Progressive® Technology.