Vision & Lifestyle

From everyday routines to annual holidays, playing local sports to vacationing abroad, your eyes see it all.

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Your unique lifestyle influences many of the decisions you make every day. Clothes. Food. Activities. Your choices in these areas and more come together to make you, you.

Life is what you make it – and we want to help you make the most of it! Below you’ll find a collection of interesting and useful articles on a variety of vision and lifestyle topics: eye health, sports and exercise, makeup tips for contact lens wearers, and much more.

Vision and Lifestyle

Sports Eyewear

There are various types of sports eyewear designed to not only help protect your eyes and your vision, but to also enhance your performance.


Fashion Eyewear

Here are some of the latest trends in eyewear, and how to care for your eyes while looking good.


Sports & Contact Lenses

Do you play sports but need vision correction? Prescription contact lenses can help improve your game.


Health Tips to Help Protect Your Eyes

Your eyes are amongst the most vulnerable parts of your body, so they need your care and attention to help maintain the best possible eyesight.


Swimming with Contacts

Are you thinking about swimming with your contact lenses? Don’t – for a few very good reasons.