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Red eyes, dry eyes, and lens discomfort are not normal and are signs that it may be time to change your lenses.


Did you know that your cornea does not have its own blood supply and hence gets the oxygen that it needs directly from the atmosphere?

Wearing contact lenses creates a barrier between your eyes and your surroundings, reducing the amount of oxygen that goes into your eyes, leading to red/blood shot eyes also known as Corneal Hypoxia. In the long run, Corneal Hypoxia can cause temporary blurred vision or even epithelial cell death.


Do you sometimes feel like there is sand in your eyes, or it hurts and itches when you blink?

You may have “Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca” or “Dry Eye Syndrome”. This happens when your body does not make enough natural, good quality tears to lubricate your eyes. When you focus on your screens or reading materials especially in an air-conditioned area, you’re more susceptible to tears evaporation and eye dryness.


When wearing contacts lenses, they are supposed to feel like they’re not even there. If you start becoming aware of your lenses, it is a sign of Lens Intolerance.

Lens Intolerance affects many long-term contact lens wearers where the eye starts to reject the foreign object. It can also be caused by Dry Eye Syndrome, or looking at a smartphone/computer screen for a long time, hence blinking less. It can also happen when your contact lenses are not compatible with your eyes.

If you find yourself with these problems,
it is a sign of unhealthy lens wear.

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